Dreaming Is Where I Belong
~~ I am timid and I am oversensitive I am a lioness I am tired and defensive I am temperamental and I have imperfections and I am emotional I am unpredictable I am naked I am vulnerable I am a woman I am opening up to you. Love Me or Leave Me ~~ Its me myself & I ~~ And I love BEYONCE & SUPERNATURAL & MIKA, 10. & 11. Doctor, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, fanfiction, writing, milkshake, nail polish, pink, the sea, music, dreaming ... ~~ Now let's try to have some fun. & Dream...

"You shouldn’t be afraid who you are ‘cause even hot guys will like you if you like yourself. Clearly, I’ve been going about things all wrong. How was I supposed to be accepted by everybody else when I even haven’t accepted myself?"
— Jenna Hamilton
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"how can I miss you when you were never mine in the first place?"