Dreaming Is Where I Belong
Hello I'm Gülsen (20, Turkey), and I like warm hugs! <3 ~~And I am opening up to you... Love me or leave me, just take it or leave it, It's not that I'm needy, I just need you to see me ~~ Its me myself & I ~~ And I love BEYONCE & SUPERNATURAL & MIKA, 10. & 11. Doctor, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, fanfiction, writing, icecream, nail polish, pink, the sea, music, dreaming ... ~~

Do you know how much you meant to me?
Do you know I still carry the memories? 
Did you know that for me letting go wasn’t easy? 
Oh no, no you don’t 

I just need a bit more time 
To get you off my mind tonight 
I’m thinking of your bright blues eyes, 
Brighter than the stars that lit the skies, 
An angel in disguise 

I just need a bit more time 
I wanna hold you in my arms tonight 
I can’t forget those bright blue eyes, 
Can’t forget the moment they met mine 
Please turn back the time

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Please come back

I miss seeing your face, even if you’re not looking back at me. I miss your smile. Seeing your face and your smile were the only things that would make me light up. 

posted 3 weeks ago